A comprehensive estate plan often includes one or more trusts in order to safeguard assets and facilitate the efficient management and transfer of assets while minimizing the expense of court proceedings.  A trust can be an excellent tool for achieving several goals, including:

  • Providing for asset protection during life
  • Transferring assets to following generations while minimizing estate and transfer taxes
  • Memorializing charitable goals with CRUT’s and CRAT’s
  • Funding college education
  • Removing assets from the probate administration process and greatly minimizing cost
  • Controlling the timing of asset distribution
  • Special tax planning trusts such as GRAT’s, ILIT’s and IDGT’s

MaryEllen and John are well prepared to provide clients with comprehensive estate and trust solutions in order to manage succession planning, tax planning and asset transfer. Together, we have more than three decades of estate and trust experience, and we handle every aspect of estate planning and tax planning, from the creation and execution of trusts and generation transfer tax to trust amendments and reformations. We also litigate trust controversies relating to the interpretation or enforcement of trust provisions and the administration of the trust.  Whatever your goal, our goal is to meet it, in a manner that is both cost effective and practical.